Green Garage – Auto Repair Service | Eco-Friendly Automotive Repair, Repair on all makes and models!
Green Garage – Auto Repair Service

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Full Service Garage

For an oil change and tune up, plus so much more!

Boulder & Denver Auto Repair

Tire rotation, oil change and tune up - Green Garage™ does it all!

Green Garage™

Boulder & Denver auto repair with eco-friendly services.


Now powered by Green Garage™ at 55th and Pearl in Boulder.

The Green Garage™ approach is all about conservation. That way you spend less and get more.
Oil change, tune-up, tire rotation, transmissions, brakes, engine repair, Toyota, Ford, Subaru, —we do it all!
Our mechanics are standing by, ready to get you back on the road getting more Smileage!

What Green Garage™ Customers Have to Say:

“I had my car repair done by the folks at Green Garage™. The process was so simple. Thanks again for offering such a fantastic service that not only saves the planet, but also saves my pocketbook!”— Angie Smith, 2002 Saturn