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I love my car!It doesn’t get any better than when a Green Garage™ customer talks out loud to a friend or co-worker about how much they appreciate us. We call it ‘testification’ because the message is usually delivered with feeling, commitment and you guessed it: LOVE!

Here are a few of our recent faves.  Forgive us if we get a little weepy.

Green Garage™ is AMAZING!!!! The guys were so great, they were so sweet and nice to me! The service GG™ provides is truly special. They called to tell me what needed to be done and then we went from there. Ernie made the comment about checking up on my car later if I wanted a check-up and the he said ‘It’s our job to make sure your car runs well’. That just blew me away!  It was a great experience! Thank you again!” – 2004 Toyota Camry

“I had my car serviced by the folks at Green Garage™. The process was so simple (I will never hassle with taking my car to a dealership ever again). The best part, my fuel efficiency went from 23 MPG to 30 MPG! That alone is worth it in my book! Thanks again for offering such a fantastic service that not only saves the planet, but also saves my pocketbook!” — 2002 Saturn

“I’m really not into the green thing that much but the convenience is what got me in.” — 2006 Volvo